Navigate. Choose.

In the early days of the cord cutting era, options were much smaller and that made it pretty simple to choose what to watch and where. The cable companies, and a few others saw a oppertunity and ran with it. Now we are overwhelmed with content providers trying to sell us overstuffed packages. When choosing a provider, Take advantage of their free trials and watch on as many platforms as possible. see what fits.

The Phone

Not all streaming services are equal. Think about where you tend to watch videos

The Television

The Boob Tube. Face it, This is where the majority of us want our content displayed

The Computer

   Sometimes the laptop and a couch (or the dog house) is more convenient.

Easy to Use Mobile Application

Thats right, We did it. We created an Android app. Why? We think it may be easier to show your friends what their missing without lugging around your desktop or flatscreen. Give it a try. Its FREE.

Free Download Google Play Store

Simplified Searching

Fret not cable cutting cuddlers, Streaming Channel Finder is here to help you navigate the abundance of options and help make it easier to understand what it is you want and need and where to get it.

YouTube TV

$49.99 / mo

  • Unlimited DVR
  • Local Channels
  • 70 + Channels
  • More devices
  • 6 Accounts
  • 3 Simultaneous Streams
Free Trial


$49.00 / mo

  • Esential Live TV
  • Two Account
  • Sports Plus
  • Movies and Premium
  • Curiosity Stream
  • Espanol Packages
Free Trial

sling tv

$25.00 / mo

  • Local Channels Included
  • Premium Addons
  • ALA Cart Addons
  • Sports Packages
  • Cloud DVR
  • Kids Package
Free Trial

User Friendly Search

We have made it pretty easy to navigate the large database of channels and providers by offering both a search filter and provider filter. Simply start typing in the search window for either channel, provider or package and the magic of hollywood will reveal everything you hoped for.