A Quarter Of All Households Will Soon Be Cordcutters

  It's not surprising that cable and satellite companies are losing subscribers at an alarming rate, Whats surprising is that they still don't get it. The people are speaking, We're sick of your overstuffed, overpriced packages, poor customer service and we like the idea of watching what we want when we want it.

  According to an August eMarketer forecast released today, and, by 2022, the number of cord-cutting households is expected to make up nearly a quarter of total U.S. households. What is AT&T (formally Direct TV) Doing about it? Raising prices of course. See either they understand their time is short or they really just don't get it.

  When Elon Musks low orbit satellites go operational, there will be no more monopoly for these big providers. Comcast has just raised their internet prices to offset the dwindling tv subscribers, but once these same pissed off consumers are able to go elsewhere for fast reliable internet, you better believe they will. You think Comcast knows?

  So far it is estimated nearly 22 million households have cut the cord, or removed their television packages. With the growing number of children and young adults in these households, growing up cordless is all they know and will continue the trend. Its only going to get worse for the big providers and I just don't know if they understand or are just trying to get as much as they can before the collapse. I can't blame them really.

  Ad driven free content is growing. Netflix and Amazon Prime need to keep an eye in the rear view as well. With The Roku Channel, Pluto tv, Vudu and others offering great content for free with the occasional ad, this seems to be where the industry is heading. Even local station provider Locast.org has helped bridge the gap for those (sports fans) who were afraid to give up cable tv in fear of losing their precious sports or reality tv show provided by the local networks. Shame on you AT&T and Comcast. I for one will be happy to see you fail.