Cutting The Cord In A Complex State

In a time where more and more people are turning to streaming their content rather than traditional cable or satellite packages, The game has changed slightly. There are more options. And more pricier options abound too.

The decision to cut the cord are based on many factors and they all play separate roles in how you may go about finding the right content and balance.

First comes price. If this is the reason for your cutting the cord, Then you are in luck. There are still affordable options out there for great cable alternative content. Sling TV is probably the most popular. With packages starting at just $15 us dollars, chances are you would be saving a ton of money with this option. The basic Comcast package at the time of this writing starts at $60 us dollars. But you need to add in the equipment rental fees and taxes. When all is said and done, you will be around $75 to $100 depending on how many TVs you want to watch content on. Its also worth mentioning this cheap Comcast plan includes just 10 channels, while the Sling TV blue package for $15 us dollars includes 47 channels. Its not hard to see why cord cutting is becoming so popular. There are other streaming options like Hulu + Live TV starting at $44 us dollars per month. While offering more channels, you may want to look and see just how many channels you actually watch. This is why bundling channels is such a bad deal for consumers. Not to mention, You keep upgrading packages and before you know it your back in the price range of the big cable companies. I suggest trying as many service providers as you can, use their free trial offers and watch on multiple devices. See what you like and dislike about each and keep track. After all the trials are over it may be a bit fuzzy trying to remember who offered what for what price. Write it all down.

Second comes dissatisfaction as the reason for cutting the cord. Many people, myself included, are fed up with the ongoing price increases and poor customer service we receive from the cable and satellite providers. If this is you, then your going to love cutting the cord. Most, if not all streaming providers not only offer better deals on packages, but there are no contracts to tie you in. That means if you find something better next month your free to switch. This is also a reason these plans are cheaper. It’s called competition. Something most cable and satellite providers don’t have to worry about.

For me, the thought of calling into Comcast to inquire about my rising monthly bill gave me anxiety. I’d put it off and just pay the bill until next months bill arrived. I’m pretty sure I am not alone in this thinking. Talking to a representative at Comcast was both infuriating and frustrating. Its almost as if they make a game to see how fast they can pull your trigger. I sure don’t miss those days. I also get a nice big smile when I see the mailings from them offering me a big discount if I come back. For I know it is costing them money to mail those, and I never intend on going back.

Thirdly, There is the convenience factor. Watch what you want when you want on whatever you want wherever you are. Wow. Thats like having a cake and the wife not eating it too. Big plus. Now this applies to most streaming services, some are better at it than others. Some offer unlimited DVR capabilities, like YouTube TV, while others offer a DVR for a price. This might not be a concern for you. Like I said before, here is where you want to try all the services and take advantage of their free trial period. Write down the pros and cons! Trust me. You’re bound to forget some good and bad points after trying all the services.

On closing. I’d like to congratulate you on starting the journey to a cable free community. And wish you well in your trials. If you have any questions feel free to reach out and I will always do my best to answer any questions you may have.