How To Watch NFL Games After Cutting The Cord

Football is my favorite season. It doesn’t hurt that I live in Patriots territory. Don’t hate. Like a lot of you, I’m just a tad bit too far from Boston to enjoy free Over the Air broadcasts via an antenna. Each year the options for cord cutters get a little better, and thats no different for this NFL season. In this article I will be explaining how and where to legally watch NFL games via streaming services, whether that be on your roku, fire tv, or mobile device. In another article we will discuss college games.

So this year the NFL has scheduled Sunday games to air on Fox , CBS and NBC. First choice would be an antenna, if your lucky to live close enough to receive signals, the quality is the best. Uncompressed signal for the best video quality. If your like me, you have to go to plan b.

  CBS games on Sunday.
YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Fubo and Playstation Vue all carry CBS, albeit you local affiliate. SO your going to watch whatever game is on in your market. These packages are all simillar and will set you back about $50 per month. There is also CBS ALL Access starting at $5.99 per month, with a free trial, if your only interested in the CBS games.

  Fox Sunday Games can also be streamed via the above mentioned providers with the addition of Sling Tv. If you went with Sling for $15 per month (Blue Package) and added CBS all access for $5.99 you’d be saving around $30 per month by not going with the higher priced providers. But wait theres more...

  NBC Sunday Night Games can also be found on Sling TV. Unless you have to have a channel that the other packages provide that Sling doesn’t, Looks to me like Sling with CBS All Access would be my Sunday package (also carries MNF). Monday Night Football will be aired on ESPN, Available with Sling tv, Play Station Vue, Hulu and YouTube tv. Again, approximately $50 except for Slings $25 Blue and Orange package which you’ll need for ESPN.

  What about Thursday Night Football? I’m glad you asked. This year the NFL has split the games up between Fox, NFL Network and Amazon Prime. If your an amazon prime customer your in luck. Fox can be found with the providers mentioned above while the NFL Networks is available on Sling Blue and Orange package, Playstation Vue or Fubo packages.

If your looking to save a few bucks, Sling TV blue and Orange with CBS All access would be the way to go. Thats going to get you a game during every time slot available this season, minus the occasional Amazon Games. But thats what sports bars are for right?

Well I hope this makes it easier for some of you. Happy watching and Go Pats!