What Is Cord Cutting And How Do I Cut The Cord?

   You’ve heard the term cord cutters now for a while. Since I first cut the cord back in 2012, there has been a steady increase in individuals who have followed suit. For me it started out about price, then quickly turned into a convenience factor. You have your reasons and thats why you’re here. So lets dive in and I will try to explain exactly what cord cutting is.
   Cutting the cord is basically un-subcribing from your local cable or satellite providers TV package. You’ll still need internet, and this is where the cable companies are trying to push back, offering lower prices if you carry both TV and Internet. If its about price for you, you may opt for a lower package from your cable provider to lower the cost of internet and still reap the benefits of streaming other content.
   So what do you need to cut the cord? There are several ways to stream content, first is your smart TV. Most smart TVs offer some streaming packages. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime to name a few are usually included in most sets. Check yours for eligibility. Roku has a few different products in order to stream te most popular services, Sling tv, Playstation Vue, You Tube TV, Hulu and others. The added benefit for the Roku and Fire TV Stick alone are the added programs you’ll be able to receive. We’ve talked about The Roku channel, a free channel available exclusively on the Roku device. With free movies, and tv shows its an excellent addition to any package. There is also Pluto TV and Xumo which offer a ton of sports, movies and TV channels as well as Kids content all for free. These channels are available on the Roku, Fire TV stick, Apple TV, Android and IOS. While I recommend the Roku myself, Its really about your personal preference. The main differences are in the UI, the menus may look different from one device to another, but once you get used to using one, you should be fine.
   Lets talk a little bit about the different services available as of today. Most offer different packages with different prices, some have add on movie or sports channels, and some offer DVR capabilities. We have a complete list of available channels and packages as well as options on our site. https://www.streamingchannelfinder.com. My personal favorite is You Tube TV for its free unlimited DVR and up to 6 simultaneous streams (or tvs) at a time. But you’ll definitely want to check out all available services and use their free trial period to see which service fits you best.
   Once you get your device, you’ll want to power it on and set it up with its built in menu. Setup the internet connection and download any additional channels from their channel store. Again I recommend at the least adding Pluto TV and Xumo. Locast.org offers free local channels (but suggest a donation) and is available on most of these devices. Check their website for more information.
   I think once you get used to the idea of being free from the cable companies programming you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how freeing it is being able to watch what you want when you want it.